Harmful chemicals in hair products

By Roger Stone / November 2, 2019
Bathing with shampoo

To feel and to stay clean gives a great feeling. When you are out of the shower, the mind and the body feel so refreshing. This feeling makes you happy and stays active for the rest of the day. But there is more than staying and feeling clean. In this world, we are so exposed to different chemicals, be it food or health care products. You may see the big, bold words like “natural” or “organic” or “fragrance-free,” but sorry they are not telling the big truth. Make sure to read the small tiny words behind every product. It is worth it. Today we will talk about hair cleaning and all about harmful chemicals in hair products. 

Bathing with shampoo

What hair products are harmful to your hair?

There are thousands of hair products in the market. All of them proudly make statements of free of chemicals, but also have the list of harmful ingredients right there. So, you better watch out while using the products for your hair. 

Where you are in the mood of buying a shampoo, then you will feel like going through a hard test. Why? Because you will see all the harmful chemicals in hair products, you are picking. As the shampoo is essential to keep your hair healthy and clean, you have to know about the ingredients to avoid in the shampoo you will use. 

The bad ingredients for your hair shampoo:

Believe it or not! The harmful ingredients have a great impact not only on our scalp but also on the health, and it becomes worse after continuous use. Now take a paper to note down the ingredients to avoid in shampoo. The bad products for hair are:


It is the common preservative for cosmetics and hair products that comes at a low price. This preservative doesn’t let the products go bad. The parabens of shampoo create a bad effect on the hormone cycle by developing a copy of estrogen hormone. By this risk of having breast cancer gets increased. Men, don’t be relieved as this ingredient is responsible for testicular cancer. So, make sure your hair care product doesn’t have this ingredient.

Sodium lauryl sulfate:

Thanks to this additive chemical, which is also known as surfactant, helps to clean the dirt and oil properly. But this chemical is also used in different cleansers and detergents. Why avoid this chemical? It is an expert to wipe away the natural oils of your hair and left damaged hair. 

Isopropyl alcohol:

At first, not all alcohol is bad, but this alcohol is a “big no” for your hair. Because your hair will lose all the moisture and natural balance instantly. Your hair and skin will look dry and dehydrated. 


This super scary chemical causes cancer. If everybody knows about this chemical, then why to use? Well, it works as a preservative. But I think this chemical has to stay in avoid list forever. 

Propylene glycol:

This chemical is used for keeping the element of formula fixed like in liquid form in heat and strong like ice in the winter. But the bad effect of this chemical is it can penetrate through the skin and gets mixed in the bloodstream. Your skin may face skin irritation and allergies.  


You will find this chemical in silicone form. Now we know that the silicon is best for giving moisturizing and thickness feelings. But the bad news is the chemical creates build-up on the hair and gets hard to remove later. For this, the hair gets damaged in the long run. 

Synthetic colors:

If I am not mistaken, you will see we all love colorful shampoos. Ever gave a thought about the colors? Though they are eye-soothing, they are toxins. They are responsible for irritation, blocking the follicles. So don’t go for the colors.

Retinyl palmitate:

Though it is a form of vitamin A, it causes cancer. You will also experience itchiness, redness, and peeling. 


This chemical works as an antibacterial and antifungal agent. Researches say it causes toxic and cancer. 

Mineral oil:

This ingredient causes the hair follicle clog and having toxins in the hair. The skin moisture will getaway and will cause dehydration and dryness.


This ingredient is the second most commonly used chemical in cosmetic products. But this chemical comes form petrol. So you can guess the dangerous effect on your hair after using this. 

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What will we need to use :

Don’t get dishearten. There are a lot of hair products that come from natural and unharmful ingredients.  When you are looking for hair products, pick the ones that have:

Organic and plant-based products. They don’t have any preservatives and chemical detergents. 

The ingredients of the hair products you can use are:

Chamomile: gentle antioxidant that keeps the scalp healthy.

Pea sprout extract: helps to stimulate hair cell production. 

Aloe vera: heals and soothes any hair damage.

You will find some bar shampoos that are good to use. They are made from vegetable oils without any chemical ingredients.

If you can, then it is best to make your shampoo with some organic ingredients. They are available and easy to make.

Can I use perfume in my hair?

Research says to avoid fragrance in the hair. Because perfume has 60-70% ethanol that is solely responsible for eliminating the natural oil from the hair and makes the hair and skin dry, but if you want to use perfume in your hair, then use just little on the hair. Don’t use it regularly. 


You may have already got sad after hearing all the bad effects you may face after using all of your favorite shampoos. If you cant, avoid the shampoos for some reason, then try to cut down the harmful ingredients and use the shampoo that has the least chemical ingredients. Use a good conditioner and cold water to clean out all the chemicals as much as you can. All these hard works are to keep your hair healthy and shiny.

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