Is fragrance bad for hair?

By Roger Stone / October 31, 2019
Is fragrance good
Is fragrance good

As our hair is exposed, it tends to have different odors like sweat, smoke, etc. sometimes, you will see some people passing by, you will sense beautiful fragrance coming, especially from hair. That is because some of us use perfumes in our hair. Now the question is, is fragrance bad for hair? Want to try one for your hair? Well, before using anything on your hair, check the ingredients of the perfume then decide. I will let you know how the fragrance makes your hair dry and damaged and which one to use.

Would you use hair perfume?

 At first, check the label of your shampoo lotion. You will see fragrance on the label. Ever gave a thought about the ingredients? If you ask me about using the fragrance in the hair, then I will simply say, “NO.” let’s talk about more about “fragrance.”

Why fragrance is bad:

Maximum perfumes have the ethanol that comes in 60-70%. This alcohol is responsible for eliminating the essential oils of the hair.

Believe it or not, you will not get information about 14 chemicals the company uses secretly without let in, you know. Can you imagine that? The maximum of the chemicals is responsible for allergic reactions and hormonal imbalance.

If you use fragrance regularly, your hair and skin will get damaged and dry. The pH balance of the scalp also gets destroyed in the long run.

When the perfume is sprayed in the air or hair, our body reacts with lung disease, asthma, migraines, and more diseases. The thing is these diseases will not show symptoms instantly in your body. You will get to know about the diseases in your body until it is too late. 

The chemicals in the “fragrance” products:

The alarming point is most of the fragrance products have a chemical that is known as phthalates. This chemical is an unsettling hormone chemical. This chemical is famous for using a fragrance ingredient for a long time.

Diabetes, breast and liver cancer, less sperm, etc. diseases come in the body because of this chemical.

Till the research is going on about what chemicals are there in the perfume, but the maximum chemicals cause cancer, and the scientists have agreed with the fact.


How to avoid fragrance:

Whatever the world is suggesting, we have to stay concern about ourselves. The best strategy to stay safe is to check the labels of any products you want to use. Just avoid the product that has the name of “fragrance.” Some companies only use the code in the product label. You can know about the product by searching on google. Don’t fall for the “free,” “fragrance-free” offer; they just use different chemicals with a different formula. Yes, we love to smell good, but nothing is beyond our health. You don’t know how this goody smell hampers our health life. It is better to avoid fragrance, especially with the chemicals.

Making natural perfume for hair:

The good news is, yes, you can make perfume for your hair naturally from any floral smells, exotic, fruits in a natural way. The best thing is – it is totally alcohol-free.  

  • Monoi oil is the best natural product to make natural aroma oil. All you have to do is to crash the Tiare flower and mix with pure coconut oil. This oil is best to use in the summertime. By using this oil, your hair will have a beautiful scent, soft and shiny. The extract comes with vitamin E that repairs and moisturizes the hair with care. This oil doesn’t work on oily hair.
  • Hydrosols or floral water is the water that stays after oil making. This water contains a little amount of essential oil, minerals. You will get flower aroma in light properties. There are kinds of floral waters;

Here is a top choice:

  1. Orange blossom water comes with seductive fragrance and relaxing properties. After using regularly, scalp, secretions get well.
  2. Mint floral water is a refreshing one. In the hot weather, scalp sweats fast. With this water, the scalp gets refreshed. Your head will stay dandruff-free also.
  3. Rosemary floral water is famous among users because it prevents scalp problems, hair loss.
  • Rosewater is the best flower water. It is the best antioxidant, a regenerate, and a balancing agent.
  • The lavender extract gives a fresh and cleansing effect. The aroma is delicious, soft, and soothing.
  • The easiest way to make natural aroma oil is to pick the essential oils. There are different essential oils, like:
  1. Lemon oil provides the cleanliness and freshness sense with a citrus aroma.
  2. Jasmine oil is soft relaxing, and delicate with a refreshing aroma.
  3. Bergamot provides black tea that comes with aroma and ant-depressant.
  4. Ylang-ylang provides aphrodisiac with a floral aroma.

The process of applying perfume on the hair:

There is a process in spraying perfume on your hair. That is:

  • Take the perfume in the spray bottle
  • Keep the bottle 20cm away from your hair and spray.
  • Spray the perfume and spread it on the hair. Don’t wet your hair. You can massage the spray with the brush.

If you don’t have enough time to make natural oil, then you can use some hair perfume products that I love personally:

· Aquolina Pink Sugar Hair Perfume:

This hair spray comes with caramel and vanilla-scented silicon formula. This spray works as a guard from UV rays.

· Pure & Petal Summer Passion Hair Spray:

This spray comes in silicon-alcohol free. The hair scent gets absorbed, and the fragrance lasts long.


Hair spray is a sensitive cosmetic product. There are different kinds of hair spray in the market with harmful chemicals. Be cautious, pick less toxic, and fragrance -free hair care products. Yes, some products come with a “fragrance-free” label, but they are a liar. You have to keep the idea about the chemical ingredients and pick the one that least has synthetic elements. The best option is to use natural and organic hair spray. This spray keeps your hair healthy and shiny.

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