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Laser hair removal side effects and risks cancer

By Roger Stone / November 11, 2019
Lesar treatment

For hair removing, laser hair removal treatment is a popular medical procedure. In this treatment, a precise laser beam is used for removing unwanted hair. In the hair removal process, the laser discharges a light which is absorbed by the hair pigment. There are tube-shaped sacs in the hair follicles that help to produce hairs; the laser light turns into heat and damages the sacs.

Laser hair removal treatment works effectively by delaying hair growth. Though it is not permanent delays to hair regrow. This treatment works best for dark hair and light skin.

Laser hair removal side effects and risks cancer
Hair Laser Removal

Why people do laser treatment

Laser hair removal reduces unwanted hair. Maximum people take treatment in the location like the bikini line, chin, upper lip, armpits, and legs. You can only use it in the areas where you want no hair. Don’t think about the near eye area.

The success ratio depends on skin type and hair color. Because the pigment absorbs the radiation, so dark hair will absorb all the rays by avoiding light color skin. After absorbing, the radiation will damage the hair follicle and delay hair growth. There is little risk to damage skin if the skin and hair color contrast is different, but the advanced technology has an option for dark skin people. The laser treatment is not for white, blond, grey color hairs.

The side effects and risks of laser hair removal:

The hair removal treatment is painless and safe if you compare to tweezing, waxing, and electrolysis. As it reduces hair growth, a number of sessions are required for extended and permanent hair removal. With laser treatment, our skin is not harmed as skin gets cool quickly than hair follicles. After completing the laser treatment, the skin receives soothed by applying cool compressors. By this, the risk factor reduces. But still some risk factors are occurring in the treatment, may it be during or after. For you, here are the risk and side effects you may face:

·        The severe side effect of laser hair removal treatment changes in skin tone and color. It is also known as hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation.

In hyper pigmentation the skin gets darker post the laser hair removal treatment. The laser encourages to produce melanin. For this, your skin will look like sunburnt skin.

In the case of hypopigmentation, skin gets a light color after completing the laser treatment. Sometimes the laser can block the production of melanin. By this, skin loses pigmentation. This happens with dark skin tone patients.  

Hyperpigmentation can be reversed, but hypopigmentation can’t.

Another common side effect is skin and hair gets burned, especially when an unprofessional hand works with laser treatment. By this, you may get blaze, flare-up, or burned skin. Mainly these accidents happen when the skin absorbs the beam energy instead of the hair follicle. Though the incident is rare, the laser hair remover burns the darker skin because dark skin soaks laser energy.  The burn is not severe; it is mild. It is important to check the patient’s skin as it is ready to go through laser treatment or not. Most of the burning cases occur in the non-experienced procedure. Make sure not to take hair removal treatment from the non-professional. Go to the experienced dermatologists.

During the laser treatment, your eye may get injured. It will happen if you don’t wear a UV resistant eyewear to protect your eyes.

If the laser treatment is not done properly, then the area will have blister and scab. People with sensitive skin will experience bruises. But these will not last long. The rare case is the treated area may look like sunburned with purple color skin. This is alarming.  

After the treatment, itchiness, and redness are normal. You can use cold cream to soothe it. Some may experience red and swelling skin in the follicle area for some days. It will heal naturally.

While the laser is working on your follicle, you may get sting feeling or pricking. Some get the feeling of numbness.

This side effect is the rarest ones, and it is an infection. Infection may come when the treated area is not dressed before and after the laser treatment.

There are some genuine reasons as people suffer after the laser treatment. The reasons are:

  • Not using the right laser for the skin type.
  • Setting the laser equipment wrong
  • Insufficient cooling process.
  • Not using a real laser.
  • Laser hair removal cancer risks

Patients get concerned with getting skin cancer after going for laser hair treatment. It is natural, but let me assure you that there is no chance of having cancer. How am I so sure? Well,

Before going for laser treatment, what you will have to do?
Beautiful slim woman's legs isolated on white

Cancer risk gets high when you work with X-rays and gamma rays. These two rays are dangerous. Because the rays produce high-frequency ionizing energy. Medical tests like X-rays and CT scans use these high-frequency radiations to perform the tests. When the ionizing energy goes through your body, your cell’s DNA gets damaged, and in the long run, you will have skin cancer and breast cancer.

It is scientifically proven the laser treatment for hair removal works with non-ionizing radiation. So there is no chance of getting cancer.

Before going for laser treatment, what you will have to do?

When you have decided to go for laser treatment, then you have to take some steps like:

  • From 4 to 6 weeks, stop waxing, plucking, and skin bleaching the area you want to treat.
  • If you have herpes, go for antiviral therapy before and after the treatment.
  • Stop taking photosensitive herbs and drugs 24 hours before the treatment.
  • Do not use shaving machine 4 to 8 days after the treatment.
  • Avoid sunlight before and after the hair removal treatment.


So you can guess, the laser treatment for hair removal has some safe risk factors but doesn’t takes or gives the risk of having cancer. If you are tired of all the unwanted hair on your body, then you can go for the hair removal laser treatment without any risk factor. 

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