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Shampoo Ingredients to avoid hair loss

By Roger Stone / November 5, 2019

The shampoo is the hair cleaning product that we need every day. But to pick the right one for your hair is not a simple task as it seems. To give your hair look and feel best, you have to use some organic shampoo ingredients. We have to know about the ingredients that are responsible for hair loss. As the shampoo is the product, we need to use every day, then try to avoid those that have a harmful one. 

Shampoo Ingredients to avoid hair loss

Do shampoo work for hair loss treatment?

Well, the honest answer is “no.” It is because the companies only think about profit, not about customers’ benefit. You have to check the chemicals and avoid the harmful ones. Use the scientifically proven hair loss shampoo. But don’t depend only on the shampoo, make changes in the nutrition and lifestyle. I think diet and a healthy lifestyle do matter. People who follow healthy nutrition enjoy good health with beautiful hair. 

The ingredients responsible for hair loss

The shampoo you are using, be it chemical or organic, you have to look for these harmful chemicals. Because these chemicals cause damage and worsen hair fall. Just see the labels and search for hair loss products. If they are on the label, then kick out the shampoo from your list. The chemicals are:

•    Sodium chloride:

This chemical is known as table salt. This salt is responsible for thickening the shampoo. The bad factor of this shampoo is creating eye irritation, itchy and dry scalp, and severe hair loss. 

•    Sulfates:

Ammonium lauryl sulfate and sodium lauryl sulfate works as surfactants in the shampoo to create foam. These two chemicals are the main cause of hair loss. 

•    Formaldehyde: 

This chemical is used as a preservative in every single shampoo because it comes at a low cost. This chemical is responsible for damaging the DNA and excess hair loss. 

•    Parabens:

Paraben is the popular chemical preservative that keeps the shampoo good for a long time by protecting from bacteria. But they also irritate the skin and allergy reactions in the skin. They are able to play a mess with the hormonal problem, and the result is creating a hormonal imbalance.

•    Diethanolamine:

This chemical is mainly used in the agriculture and textile industries. You will find it in fluids, cleaners, detergents, and shampoos. By using this chemical, your skin and body get damaged.

•    Imidazolidinyl Urea:

To prolong the life of cosmetics and hair care products, this chemical works well. But by frequent use, the scalp gets damaged, irritates, creating an allergic reaction, popping blisters, and hair loss. 

•    Fragrance:

The chemical fragrance is the first cause to change and destroy hormone levels. This change affects hair growth and hair loss. 

•    Propylene glycol:

To hold moisture, this chemical used in hair products as a skin conditioner. But this chemical causes toxicity, skin irritation, and hair loss.

After shampoo

What to use by avoiding chemicals?

As we have some ideas about the harmful chemicals, here are the natural substitutes that can lessen hair loss. You can use:

•    Look for healthy natural cleansing like bentonite clay and apple cider vinegar instead of shampoos that have abrasive chemicals. These chemicals remove the protective oils from the hair. The natural cleansing helps to remove the buildup and dirt without disturbing your hair health balance.

Apple cider vinegar is natural and has antibacterial properties. These properties help to fight against hair loss and dandruff. 

•    There are some natural oils like hemp oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and extra virgin olive oil. These oils work like magic. If you use the oil, your scalp will stay protected, hair dryness will getaway, and moisture level will restore and stay locked for a long time. 

•    You may think that the natural oils don’t have a good smell. But just use lavender, lemon, orange, and peppermint, you will feel the heavenly smell in the hair, and you will not have any dandruff in your scalp. 

•    Ever heard of hair food? Yes, feed your hair with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, green tea and algae and have soft and healthy hair. The vitamins and minerals of the natural ingredients protect the scalp from damages. 

If you cant avoid chemicals, then make sure your shampoo has these chemicals. They are:

•    Ketoconazole chemical is mostly used in the anti-dandruff shampoo. Researches say this chemical plays an effective role in hair loss treatment. If you use minoxidil regimens and 2% ketoconazole, you will see an essential change in hair size and density. 

•    Caffeine are often used as energy booster. But today research says that caffeine enhances the hair length and stimulates keratinocyte (cell in the outer layer of the skin). You don’t need to drink coffee. Just use the caffeine on your hair. You can enjoy shiny hair at some time. 

•    Hair loss is the cause of zinc and biotin deficiency. The biotin is also known as Vitamin B7. This chemical not only works on hair strength, but it also works on health improvement.

•    Saw palmetto is a new ingredient. It has been known as food source and medicine among Native Americans. Until now, it is discovered that this plant promises a hair loss cure. 

•    Chamomile is the antioxidant that has anti-bacterial properties that help to provide a healthy scalp. 

•     Salicylic acid help to remove the dead skin cell by exfoliating. This helps hair grow reliable and fast.

•    Beta-glucan reduces hair breakage, improves hair strength, and inspires collagen. 

So, you have to be very careful while choosing a shampoo for hair. The companies will try to allure you with different remedies but don’t fall for them. Know about the ingredients and check the labels. If you find any of the chemicals stated above, then avoid the shampoo. Go for the natural ones and use it to get healthy and shiny hair for a long time. We all have a concept that hair loss means woman hair, but man also suffers from this problem. So all of us have to stay cautious about using the right shampoo for our beloved hair. 

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Roger Stone is primarily known as a Political Consultant but he also serves as the Men’s Fashion Correspondent for The Daily Caller. Included in Esquire’s “Best Dressed” list in 2001, Stone has written about men’s style and fashion since 1989.

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