Style Etiquette 101 – Purchasing Clothes & Organizing Them


Make no mistake, dressing place a huge role in our lives and for some, it is one the most important part of their outward appearance.

And it goes without saying that people address you by the way you look and dress. It is not just only about dressing but everything in general.

I was walking on a street directly opposite my house and 2 young boys approached half-way and asked if I’m truly the owner of the house.

I was taking back and asked; Why do you ask?

They replied and said ‘a man dressed in this kind of clothes does not have the money or resources to afford such a nice house’.

I shuddered and to date, I still every remembers such incidence when h driving home. It’s such a deep lesson that will forever be etched in my memory.

So that’s why I’ve compiled a beautiful list of style etiquette to help you get more out of your dressing;

The well-dressed man takes care of his clothes and so gets full value out of them. 

The slovenly man wears the same suit day after day and hacks it out in a couple of months.

The well-dressed man buys more clothes in the first instance, and by wearing each suit alternatively makes a suit last longer than two months.

The man who is well dressed has his things kept in the right order, and that means a saving of time and temper!  Also, the habit of keeping clothes in order extends to other matters.  A well-dressed man always has a well-ordered house.

It is a mistake to suppose that it is a waste of time to dress well; a well-dressed man need not spend any more time in dressing than a badly dressed man does.

About the author

Roger Stone

Roger Stone is primarily known as a Political Consultant but he also serves as the Men’s Fashion Correspondent for The Daily Caller. Included in Esquire’s “Best Dressed” list in 2001, Stone has written about men’s style and fashion since 1989.