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Posted on July 12, 2016 by Roger Stone

Last week, I had the pleasure of joining my many friends on Reddit to share some of my top mens style tips, and to let stylish gents know what to pack for the RNC convention in Cleveland.

While live-streaming, we had a very informative and lively Reddit AMA. Cleveland in July is a like a steam bath, so study this guide carefully lest you will wilt in the heat.

You can check out the entire interview below, but first take a look at my style guide for convention attendees.

Press & Media –

The wardrobe for members of the media depends on their role in covering the convention.

Camera operators and technical crew should be concerned with comfort, but can still look good. Id recommend lightweight/breathable khaki shorts or pants, paired with hiking shoes and neutral colored polo style shirts.

The versatile footwear will prove useful in covering the expected rioting and shit disturbing planned by the leftists.

Journalists should look the part. A nice pair of loafers for comfort. Sport jacket with or without tie. Pocket square a must. Be smart about your choice of garment, or risk sweating profusely. Many reporters are slobs, however, and are far beyond sartorial help.


Lobbyists & Operatives –

Party bosses, power-brokers and up-and-coming pols should opt for seersucker, linen or Dupioni silk suits in the single or double-breasted style. Hats are big at conventions, so look for straw panamas, boaters, and triblys.

Backroom deals and last minute nomination snagging trickery from these party elites is hard work. Though they will not succeed in stopping the peoples will and snatching the nomination from Donald J. Trump, they will try.

Expect this crowd to embrace the preppy Cape Cod style of business casual and vibrant summer colors. Brooks Brothers, Vineyard Vine ties, and plenty of Prada footwear.

The only thing missing will be their Mitt Romney buttons. Ron Kaufman , from Massachusetts will wear cowboy boots. Go figure. Blue blazers and khakis are, of course the official uniform of the Republican National Committee.

The wealthier lobbyists and power-brokers, bent on preserving the GOPs losing streak will go the more traditional route, three-piece suits, huge cigars and deep pockets to carry plenty of bribe money.

(Note- Because the Republican National Convention is governed not by federal or state law but by its own rules and there is no explicit rule against bribery, a fat pay-off to a delegate is not technically a crime.)

Delegates & Guests –

If you are a delegate or guests attending the convention this July, you can go with the flow and pack the $10 American flag shirt from Wal Mart or be more basic in your fashion choices.

Properly fitted linen shirts with an assortment of alternating colored trousers work. Take along a sport jacket or two. Spice it up with unique, but tasteful, belt and sock choices.

Protestors –

Tie-dyed t-shirts for sure. Che Guevera attire celebrate a sadistic murderer of innocents. Be sure to carry placards with obscenities that can be read on TV. Dont bathe. Sport a Bernie Sanders T-shirt, even though George Soros is paying you to disrupt the convention on behalf of Hillary.

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