Trump Fashion Faux Pas Is “Deeply Unsettling”

Posted on September 21, 2017 by Roger Stone

General Kelly needs to get out of President Trump’s closet.

By Roger Stone

Last week, during a meeting with South Carolina Senator Tim Scott, my longtime friend Donald Trump made a rare fashion faux pas — wearing a blue suit jacket with black dress pants.

For decades, Trump has favored tailored Brioni suits that match his broad shoulders and commanding stature.

Accompanied by the red power tie, which Trump himself popularized, the President has always communicated his bold persona with the finest Italian mill fabrics, from Brioni’s made-to-measure couture line.

However, what the world witnessed during the President’s meeting with Senator Tim Scott should have fashionistas and style scorekeepers running to wash their eyes.

A blue/black combo can never work and is an uncharacteristic fashion faux pas by the Chief Executive.

A black cashmere sweater or turtleneck paired with a pair of black pleated trousers can work…. SOMETIMES. Enjoying a cigar and Diet Coke at home by the fireplace, or maybe during an early fall walk on the White House grounds, but not at a White House photo op.

Unfortunately for President Trump, the pairing of his finely cut suit jacket and the black dress pants made him look like he dressed in the dark and simply grabbed the wrong trousers.

More likely? Control freak and White House Chief of Staff John “I’m in charge here” Kelly has decided that since he now controls what the President can know, he will also control what he wears.

Now… this is one of Trump’s first mistakes in the fashion/style realm since assuming the Oval Office and we hope it’s the last time we see him in that combo.

General Kelly is already suspected of dosing the President’s Diet Coke, and now it appears that he is trying to make Trump look weak, by suggesting he dress like a befuddled nursing home resident.

This perpetuates the 100% false statements by the mainstream media and globalists that Trump is showing signs of dementia. Who else would wear black pants and a blue suit jacket?

A picture is worth a thousand words and that image of Trump dressing like a confused Grandpa will be used as “Exhibit A” in their phony case against Trump.

I say let Trump dress like Trump!

That’s the Donald Trump America voted for and that’s the President who will cut taxes and already slashed regulations. Contrary to what Chuck Schumer, who looks like he sleeps in his baggy suits says, President Trump is focused on building a big beautiful wall across our southern border.

Here’s to hoping we never see that blue/black combo from President Trump ever again. The sooner Kelly is assigned to lead US Troops in, say Antarctica, the better.

Making America Great Again is a Herculean task. Trump’s Brioni suits are the equivalent to a general’s armor, one who demands to lead the charge into battle.




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