Wearing Black Another View

Posted on July 4, 2016 by Roger Stone

From Esquires Nick Sullivan

I dont wear black. Barring a beloved pair of John Lobb shoes and a Cleverley brace, I dont own anything black, not even socks. I dont do black at the gym except for my Nike mesh trainers—but thats only because I cant get them in navy. I dont own a black suit or tie. Even my black-tie is resolutely blue. This might be what one would call a shtick, if the absence of something can really be a shtick.

In much of Europe, including my native England, opposition to black comes in all forms: snobbery (black is the preserve of peasants in their Sunday best—a point not lost on Dolce & Gabbana, whose founders have made a fortune championing the lowly yet heroic sartorial tradition of Sicily); superstition (black is for those in coffins); science (in some electric light, black looks brown, which is even worse). Here in America, black—the gabardine suit in particular—is the lowest common denominator in white-collar clothing: the color of nightclub bouncers, office drudges, Hollywood leading men who dont know what else to wear on the red carpet, commuter curmudgeons, politicians on either side of the aisle, men before the judge, men whove given up before theyve started.

Its a flat, dead thing, hanging off the body like a pall. Its the color of puritans, as I recently noticed while watching the Republican debates, and minimalists. And we all know what fun they are.MORE HERE.



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