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Truth or Dares I Asked My Teenage Daughter That Got Her Thinking Hard

By Roger Stone / July 28, 2019
truth or dares game

I usually play a ton of games with my lovely daughter but last night’s own was truth or dare.

It’s quite a while I watched the video, so I thought it’d be a fantastic way to end the day for us all.

How Do You Play The Truth or Dare Questions Game

Let me start off by telling you we played it. You can get more here actually. Including the rules too (I took most of my questions there).

So this is how you play it.

  • Initially, you need to have a bottle to spin which decides the first participant to ask truth or dare questions.
  • Second player has to choose any of them according to his choice.
  • If he selects Truth, then he is been asked any kinds of questions which he should answer without lying.
  • If he selects Dare, then he is challenged to perform a task which is given my first participants.

The cycle continues on till the last participant turn.

Failure in task completion will lead to punishment which is decided by other participants.

Truth Questions

1) Have you ever cheated on any test? Say your experience

2) Who was your first crush at your class?

3) Can you describe your dream home and where would you like to be?

4) What celebrity have you been crushing on?

5) Have you ever lied to me or your mom?

6) Do you have any life goal or goals and what are they?

7) What is the most expensive thing I’ve ever bought for you?

8) What would do if I left the house for a whole month?

9) If I make you invisible, what would you do?

10) Who is the worst teacher in your school that you don’t mind missing her classes?

11) Could stay four months without talking to your best friends or even me?

12) If you could own a business venture when you grow up, what would it be?

13) Who is the best looking teacher in your school?

14) When did you have your worst GPA in school?

15) Mention 6 future ambitions you have?

16) Which character traits would you like for your partner to have?

17) Where would be your most favorite holiday destination?

18) How important is I and your mom to you?

19) What is your best movie ever and when did you watch it?

20) Tell me your life story and what this world so far has taught about life

21) How do you deal with love and affection and how important they are to you?

22) What do you think is the strangest thing that you find attractive in a person?

23) What in your opinion is the biggest mistake that a girl can make in her life?

24) When did you last cry for a stupid mistake you made?

25) Okay! Tell me something about you that will surprise me.

26) What event has had the greatest impact on your life?


Now let’s get to the funniest part of the evening.

1) Do your best chicken dance till your next turn comes

2) Make a hot freestyle rap song about each person in your class

3) Pick a phone and call a random classmate and sing happy birthday to her

4) Close your eyes, go to the refrigerator and eat whatever you grab

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