10 Ways the Style of Mad Men Has Evolved

Posted on April 13, 2014 by Roger Stone

From Calum Marsh at Esquire Magazine -

Mad Men returns to AMC this Sunday night with its hotly anticipated seventh (and final) season, and with it, as usual, comes a trove of sartorial inspiration. Guys have been looking to the men of Sterling Cooper for style advice for six years running, and for good reason: you won’t find better looks anywhere in pop culture, let alone on prime time TV. To celebrate the return of the series we thought we’d take the opportunity to look back at the show’s many gifts to high style, tracking the evolution of its impeccably tailored suits to bring fans and nonfans alike up to date.

Joining us as guide through the world of Mad Men fashion is the show’s award-winning costume designer Janie Bryant, whose work has all but singlehandedly made the refined slim lines of 60s suiting our go-to look for more than half a decade. But there’s more to than that. “A lot of viewers think it’s about style,” Bryant explains. “But my job really has nothing to do with style—I’m thinking about the characters and how their costume design tells a story.”

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