If Life Is A Performance, Be In Costume

Posted on December 16, 2014 by Roger Stone

“It is a very very foolish thing for a man not to well dressed”………Lord Chesterton

The key to being a great dresser is to think carefully about it but make it look effortless and natural; Sprezzatura, as the Italians call it.  Think through what you will wear for your most important meetings and particularly on TV.  Stick with basics and classics.  No plaid sports jackets on TV unless you want to look like Rodney Dangerfield in ‘Caddy Shack’.

A solid Navy blue tie with a crisp white shirt, French blue shirt or blue and white striped shirt is a sure winner when matched with a Navy, Charcoal Grey or Pin-striped suit in blue or grey, single or double breasted is a sure winner for those who are unsure.  No blends.  100% wool or cotton; natural fibers only. Solid grenadine ties.

I once went to New Jersey State Republican Convention in the 1970’s where there was so much double knit it was a fire-hazard.

A navy blue blazer is a must, single-breasted with two or three brass buttons.Pair with khaki’s or Jeans, button down , polo or, if you are Calvin Klein, a T-shirt.

Think through your leisure wear as well. Eschew lycra and synthetic fibers.  Track suits are for pimps. Polo Shirts, khakis, well cut jeans, pleated cotton shorts and non-baggy T-shirts are tolerable depending on climate. Lace-up captoes for suits, buttery soft italian loafers for informal wear.

Dress like a preppy even if you aren’t one.



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