Style Etiquette 101- White Shirt + Tan Face = Confidence

Posted on December 13, 2014 by Roger Stone

When John F. Kennedy arrived in Chicago for the first Presidential debate in 1960 he spent the afternoon not with briefing books and closeted with aides but on the roof of his Chicago hotel with two bucksome young ladies, sunbathing. When Kennedy entered the NBC studio for the debate, journalist Theodore H. White wrote, “He looked like a bronzed god.”

Nixon got to Chicago late, looking tired, haggard, and underweight from recent knee surgery and famously refused make-up. He also wore a light colored three buttoned sack suit.

JFK looked tan and confident. Nixon looked pale and rattled.

Before an important meeting or speech I will always get some rays and wear a white suit to accentuate the contrast and create the aura of good health and athleticism. No matter the climate, if the sun is shining you can get a little color from a half hour in the sun. A sun burn however will show that you’re trying too hard.



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