Style Etiquette 101 Purchasing Clothes Organizing Them

Posted on November 2, 2014 by Roger Stone

By Roger Stone

The well-dressed man takes care of his clothes and so gets full value out of them. The slovenly man wears the same suit day after day and hacks it out in a couple of months.

The well-dressed man buys more clothes in the first instance, and by wearing each suit alternatively makes a suit last longer than two months.

The man who is well dressed has his things kept in the right order, and that means a saving of time and temper! Also, the habit of keeping clothes in order extends to other matters. A well-dressed man always has a well-ordered house.

It is a mistake to suppose that it is a waste of time to dress well; a well-dressed man need not spend any more time in dressing than a badly dressed man does.



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